Mike Adams of NaturalNews discusses the consequences of the recent phenomenon of honeybees going “on strike.”

Honeybees are on strike. Mike Adams of NaturalNews discusses the phenomenon of mysterious honeybee deaths beginning in late 2006. Potential reasons being investigated include: “poor nutrition, invasive mites, diseases or toxins, air pollution, or a mysterious phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder, in which bees abruptly desert their hives and die (i.e. they go on strike)1.

Adams warns of the dire consequences to the human food supply if honeybees continue to die off and aren’t available to pollinate crops. Without willing insect pollinators, humans will eventually face global famine. The honeybee colony collapse is a symptom of a toxic earth and the human population needs to pay attention to the signs before its too late.

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1. Honeybee Colony Collapse to Devastate Food Companies, Result in Food Scarcity, Mike Adams, NaturalNews, 12 May 2008