John Weeks February 2013 Integrator Round-up covering the topic of Integrative Practice Embrace” of Yoga Therapy at Cleveland Clinic; plus Program at Swedish Hospital, Seattle

The Winter 2012 Issue of Yoga Therapy Today, from the International Association of Yoga Therapists includes significant evidence of the successful move of yoga into leading health systems. One story is “A History and Guide” to the uptake of yoga at Cleveland Clinic. The program began in the Center for Integrative Medicine there, and expanded out as therapist (and author) Judi Bar’s work became better known. Bar is now a full-time yoga therapist for the Cleveland Clinic. The same issue includes a depth look at “lessons learned” in a hospital-based yoga class at Seattle’s Swedish hospital, from Cyndi Terry Kershner, RYT500. Also featured is an interview with IAYT advisory board member Loren Fishman, MD, in which Fishman focuses on yoga’s relationship to MD practices. Fishman urges more yoga therapists to “acquire diagnostic knowledge.” 

Samueli Institute’s Pledge to the Clinton Foundation: “Build the Optimal Healing Environments in the Home”

Wayne Jonas, MD, the president and CEO of the Samueli Institute, sent a recent President’s Message that share the Institute’s promise to the exclusive Clinton Health Matters Conference. The one-day event, as Jonas explains, “brings together celebrities and decision-makers from a wide range of organizations -including national media, corporations, think tanks and non-government organizations (NGOs), to address the crisis in our health care system.” The Samueli Institute has pledged to the Clinton Foundation – the event’s sponsor – “to build a self-care model for creating optimal healing environments (OHE) in the home.” The Institute has previously developed tools for creating optimal healing environments in health care settings. This initiative, writes Jonas, “will adapt this process for Americans in their daily lives.” The product: “develop and disseminate an evidenced-based, self-care model designed to prevent disease, promote health, and maintain well-being.”

From Google Alerts: Links to Integrative Medicine in Health Systems and Communities: February 2013

This monthly report in the Integrator includes 24 short segments on integrative medicine developments in health systems and the community for January 6, 2013-February 10, 2013. These came via Google Alerts. Major players in the month’s news were reports on research studies showing high use of alternative therapies by children using pediatric specialists, another that found higher use of CAM in the military than civilian populations, and a Health Affairs piece on spending on CAM services.