Famed designer and Urban Zen Foundation co founder Donna Karan has received the 2009 Visionary Leadership Award from Integrative Practitioner at the 2009 Integrative Healthcare Symposium.


February 23, 2009

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(NEW YORK, NY) – Famed designer and Urban Zen Foundation co founder Donna Karan has received the 2009 Visionary Leadership Award from Integrative Practitioner (IP).  Karan received the award during the 2009 Integrative Healthcare Symposium at the New York Hilton.  The award is presented to a non-medical leader in integrative medicine.  Karan’s videotaped acceptance speech was shown during the Award Ceremony.

Karan is a strong proponent of integrative medicine, and through her work with Urban Zen has helped to increase awareness and understanding of an integrative model of care as a means to well being and health care system transformation.

In addition to Karan, nutritional medicine sage and Functional Medicine pioneer Dr. Jeffery Bland received the 2009 Scientific Achievement Award, presented annually to a functional medicine leader in integrative healthcare. 

Bland, along with his wife, Susan, founded the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) in 1991, and is widely known for his patient-centered approach to treatment, as well as his work in spearheading the development of the Natural Products Quality Assurance Alliance (NPQAA).

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