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Sarsini on the link between CAM and personalized, predictive, and preventive medicine

Mind-body medicine began to make some of its first inroads in the 1980s after it was re-named psychoneuroimmunology. Just so the complementary and integrative medicine principles that the best care is of necessity individualized and therefore confounding to conventional research design gained ground when industrial medicine’s exploration of the genome begat a medicine characterized by “personalization, prediction and prevention.” Duke’s Chancellor Emeritus Ralph Snyderman, MD was among the first to draw these connections between two fields of disparate origin.

A team led by Italian integrative medicine leader Paolo Roberti di Sarsina, MD has recently published an open-access paper exploring this overlap in language from the non-industrial perspective. The paper is entitled Traditional, complementary and alternative medical systems and their contribution to personalisation, prediction and prevention in medicine – person-centred medicine. The treatise recommends a research agenda “broadened with methodological tools to investigate person-centred medical interventions” and a focus on “salutogenesis, a fundamental principle of [patient-centered medicine], promoting health and preventing illness by strengthening the individual’s self-healing abilities.”

Comment: We need more efforts that directly explain language and concepts that are core to the integrative health field which also have overlapping but differing uses in conventional medicine. Words like “nutrition” and “prevention” and now “personalization” and “predictive.” This work, led by Sarsini, an Integrator adviser, is a step toward bridging the divide.


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