John Weeks April 2013 Integrator Round-up covering the People in Integratve Healthcare  


Lou Sportelli, DC honored by chiropractic profession as Humanitaran of the Year

Lou Sportelli, DC, president of the NCMIC Group and the organizing energy behind the NCMIC Foundation, was honored this year by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) with its 2013 Humanitarian of the Year Award. Sportelli, who has 50 years with the chiropractic profession, has held numerous leadership positions, including chairman of the ACA’s board of governors and president of the World Federation of Chiropractic. Those in the integrative health field will know that his vision has extended to the broader movement. He supported David Eisenberg, MD’s early Harvard meetings on integration, and early initiatives to create collaboration such as the National Policy Dialogue. He brought in NCMIC as the first sponsor of the Integrator. The ACA notes that Sportelli, who has authored several books related to the profession, has “leadership development (as) a major focus.” In his term with NCMIC, the firm has supported for the Student American Chiropractic Association.

Comment: The present writer is counted among those in whom Sportelli has mentored. As recently as a month ago, he gave me pithy feedback on a talk I’d delivered. Nice to see this honor.

Jerrilyn Cambron, DC, PhD, chosen as president-elect of the Massage Therapy Foundation

A professor in research at National University of Health Sciences, Jerrilyn Cambron, CMT, DC, PhD, has been selected as the president-elect of the Massage Therapy Foundation. A long-time researcher in massage and chiropractic whose work has been funded, in part, through NIH grants, Cambron operates MassageNet, the nation’s only practice-based research network focusing on massage. She also represents the massage field on the Research Working Group of the Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Health Care.  She will replace current president Ruth Werner on March 1, 2014.   

Jan Bruce, former Integrative Medicine Communications and Body & Soul now with meQuilibrium

An entrepreneur who moved into the integrative medicine and health space in the late 1990s, Janesse (Jan) Bruce,  is now CEO for a start-up called meQuilibrium. Bruce, theformer president of Integrative Medicine Communications (IMC), is interviewed at length by Forbes’ CMO Network editor Jennifer Rooney in a focus onThe Opportunities That Exist In The ‘Market Of Well-Being’.”  Bruce previously served as editor of Body and Soul and then as a director and manager at Martha Stewart’s Bruce’s business focuses on stress reduction and mindfulness coaching strategies, in partnerships with individuals and employers. She pitches these as the critical element in making healthy changes.

Comment: Back in the day, IMC set the standard for publishing for integrative medicine. Bruce was CEO and Len Wisneski, MD, now chair of the Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium, as medical director. I sold my hard-copy Integrator to IMC in 1999. Under Bruce’s leadership, IMC provided backing to develop the Integrative Medicine Industry Leaderships Summits (2000, 2001), seminal multi-stakeholder and inter-professional meetings. (See report here on the Integrator site.) Then we watched the whole venture drain down the bust. Bruce’s comments in the Forbes piece are stimulating. She makes a good case for the term “well-being.” My colleague and Integrator columnist Taylor Walsh sent me the link, unaware of my past connection with Bruce. He read the interview as evidence of where the integrative health movement is going, but without significant reference to integrative health or integrative medicine. Bruce’s view supports the NIH NCCAM focus, in their 2011-2015 strategic plan, on the self-care uses of “CAM.” Bruce is a savvy player. This is a business worth following.