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Integrative Practitioner actively seeks subject matter experts to assist in the development and delivery of educational articles, products, and programs.

We are looking for enthusiastic members of our healing community, with vast integrative patient care experience, who can draw from their own expertise and knowledge to come up with timely topics and put together content that include clinical takeaway and case examples. All disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Apply to serve on the Subject Matter Expert Registry today and be among the first to learn of new opportunities. Qualified applicants are approved and offered assignments on an as-needed basis. As a hired subject matter expert, you will be required to complete a brief orientation call and mentoring period.


  • Enhance your curriculum vitae/resume
  • Collaborate with healthcare colleagues nationwide
  • Gain writing, research, and presentation experience
  • Receive compensation and complimentary resources
  • Opportunity to serve on Editorial Board after one year

Apply Today if You:

  • Are currently licensed or certified as an integrative healthcare provider
  • Are currently working, teaching, or conducting research in this field
  • Have teaching, presenting, peer-reviewing, or writing experience
  • Have at least five years of patient-care experience

You must meet all requirements listed above to apply. Applicants who do not meet all requirements will be automatically denied

To Apply

Complete an online application, which will be reviewed within 14 business days. You will be required to submit a current curriculum vitae/resume, job description, and letter of recommendation. If self-employed, you will also be required to include a description of professional responsibilities and a statement of commitment and ability to participate. Incomplete applications will be denied. 

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Meet Our Subject Matter Experts


Geri Brewster


Geri Brewster is a Nutritionist and Private Practice Founder based in Mount Kisco, New York. Since February 1991, she has built, developed, and managed her growing patient practice where she provides medical nutrition counseling to patients of all ages.

Brewster began her clinical career specializing in pediatric and young-adult developmental disabilities, including metabolic and gastrointestinal disorders; specialized tube feedings; dysphagia; autism; behavioral, attention, sensory and oral-motor integration disorders; and eating disorders. Over the years her practice expanded to include all aspects of special diets and nutrient supplementation for optimization of health for both acute and chronic disease and for all age groups.

She is a member of Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine and was their 2013 recipient of Excellence in Practice Award. Brewster served as an adjunct professor for the University of Bridgeport's master’s in nutrition program for several years. She is the former Director of Nutrition at the Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine in NYC and currently assists families in the implementation of the Modified Atkins Diet for seizure control.

A longtime advocate with the Better School Food movement, and currently a volunteer with her local NAA group and Autism One, Geri speaks frequently on a local and national level about children’s health and nutritional needs. She is a contributor to several publications and has been quoted in numerous newspaper and magazine articles as well as featured on numerous radio and TV appearances discussing health topics.

Chrysanthi Kazantzis


Chrysanthi Kazantzis is a naturopathic doctor, clinical nutritionist and a level II Reiki practitioner practicing in Rhode Island.

Kazantzis pursued her interest in natural medicine at the University of Bridgeport where she received a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a master’s in nutrition. She previously graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Food Science.

She is passionate about improving peoples’ health. She sees patients with a variety of health concerns including digestive disorders, cardiovascular dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, lyme disease, and arthritis. She addresses these conditions through herbal medicine, nutraceuticals, homeopathy, guided nutrition, and lifestyle counseling.

Kazantzis has been trained in disease reduction programs such as First Line Therapy and trained under Peter D’Adamo, ND, for two years focusing on the blood type diet. She knows that no two individuals are alike and focuses on individuality, specializing in nutrigenomic consults to institute preventive or therapeutic actions based on the genetic blueprint. She believes that the body can heal itself given the right tools and she helps guide patients to stop managing symptoms and start treating the underlying causes of illness while supporting patients on their journey to optimal health.

Kazantzis is passionate about supporting the expansion of naturopathic medicine and serves as the president of the Rhode Island Association of Naturopathic Physicians and is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. She is also passionate about educating the public and writes articles in the Natural Awakenings magazine and lectures frequently around Rhode Island.

Her passions include traveling and she has traveled to over 30 countries. She is first generation Greek and Persian and she lives with her husband and young son in Barrington, Rhode Island.

Joel Kreisberg


Joel Kreisberg is the founder and executive director of the Teleosis Institute,, a non-profit institution devoted to coaching and the healing arts. He brings 30 years of leadership to his work as an integrative physician, teacher, coach, and change agent.

Kreisberg holds credentials in chiropractic, homeopathy, coaching, and health coaching. He co-authored Coaching and Healing: Transforming the Illness Narrative, and maintains a private practice, Integrative Homeopathic Medicine, in Berkeley, California, where he serves as a priest in the Hollow Bones Rinzai Zen order.

Deirdre Nazareth


Deirdre Nazareth started her career in health and wellness as one of the top personal trainers for one of the elite gyms in New York City whilst simultaneously working as a research assistant in the department of Human Genetics at Mount Sinai Hospital. The combination of research and working one on one with people fueled her desire to study osteopathic medicine. She moved to London and completed her osteopathic degree at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine and furthered her education in the study of understanding pain neurophysiology and treating complex chronic pain syndromes completing the Masters of Pain, Science, and Society at King’s College London. While finishing her master’s, she embarked on the certification program through the Institute of Functional Medicine and graduated as the only osteopath with that certification in London at that time. She has a diploma in naturopathic medicine and is also skilled at medical and auricular acupuncture.

Nazareth has a keen interest in how traumas affect the body and mind and how they can play a lead role in brain health and chronic pain manifestation within a functional medicine framework. She treats a range of conditions that are autoimmune, neurocognitive, gut, skin related, or musculoskeletal.

Nazareth recently co-authored a chapter with Gerard Mullins, MD, MS, associate professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, in Andrew Weil’s second edition of the textbook of Gastroenterology.

Laura Rokosz


Laura Rokosz is a pharmacologist and food scientist with 28 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. She received her Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD in Food Science from Rutgers University and is the current Chair of the Rutgers Food Science Advisory Board.

Rokosz was employed with Schering-Plough, Merck, and Pharmacopeia where she supported drug discovery efforts related to metabolic diseases, Infectious disease, autoimmune disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer. She is the author of over 40 peer-reviewed journal articles including five expert opinion articles on obesity and cancer. Several her blogs on fitness and nutrition have recently been published on the syndicated website, Mind Body Green. Rokosz is currently the owner of EGGLROCK Nutrition, LLC, an integrative healthcare practice providing dietary and lifestyle guidance for disease prevention and health maintenance. EGGLRock Nutrition recently received the Rising Growth Success Award from the Small Business Development Center at Kean University and was named Business of the Year for 2016 by the Union Chamber of Commerce.

Rokosz also teaches a variety of nutrition courses at Kean University, Rutgers University, and Stevens Institute of Technology and she teaches group fitness classes at the Gateway Family YMCA of Union, New Jersey. She also hosts a weekly podcast, “Eat Right with Laura” which can be found on her website at

Edward Rosick


Edward Rosick is an associate professor in the Family & Community Medicine Department at the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Rosick is trained and board-certified in Preventive Medicine, Public Health, and Holistic Medicine. He has authored over 200 book chapters, monographs, and articles related to health, wellness and chronic diseases, and had published two books on integrative medicine.

Rosick has also given talks around the world regarding integrative and preventive medicine.

Kathleen Slonager


Kathleen Slonager is CEO of Transformational Health, PC, a holistic health care practice devoted to homeopathy. As a board-certified classical homeopath, she is excited to help people restore health and vitality utilizing the therapeutic principles of homeopathy.

Slonager is the executive director of Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America Michigan Chapter, a non-profit charity dedicated to education and training for all those affected by asthma and allergies, as well as the professionals that take care of them.

Slonager has over 25 years’ experience in healthcare. In 2013, she was awarded the Chapter Innovation Award from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, in recognition of a home care program for families dealing with asthma and allergies. Additionally, she is the co-author or the AAFA Wee Breathers and the Asthma Care for Adults asthma management programs. Slonager is also the author of several published papers and lectures regarding asthma education and holistic health practices, as well as co-author of the 2014 published study, Impact of air pollution on asthma in Arab Americans.

Kathleen is a passionate patient advocate and mentor with expertise in asthma and allergy management, complementary and alternative medicine modalities, disease management, quality assurance, and health promotions. She is passionate about providing evidence-informed health information to aid consumers and clinicians in health and wellness.