James Lehman

James Lehman

James Lehman is an Associate Professor of Clinical Sciences at the University of Bridgeport/College of Chiropractic and Director of Health Sciences Postgraduate Education (HSPED). He completed his MBA at the University of New Mexico and doctorate in chiropractic medicine at the Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dr. Lehman is a board-certified, chiropractic orthopedist. He teaches orthopedic and neurological examination and differential diagnosis of neuromusculoskeletal conditions. In addition, he provides clinical rotations for fourth-year chiropractic students and chiropractic residents in the community health center and a sports medicine rotation in the training facility of the local professional baseball team.

As Director of HSPED, Dr. Lehman developed the three-year, full-time resident training program in chiropractic orthopedics and neuromusculoskeletal medicine. The program offers training within primary care facilities of a Federally Qualified Health Center and Patient- Centered Medical Home. While practicing in New Mexico, he mentored fourth-year, UNM medical students.

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