feature content on the human microbiome and the role of microbes in overall health.

Probiotics: Bugs for better well-being

by Dr. Arthur Ouwehand There is an almost insatiable need for information about the human microbiota. Reports about new [...]

Whitepaper: A Collaborative Approach to Care

A Collaborative Approach to Care by David Brady, ND, David Pearlmutter, MD, and Marc Bubbs, ND Science conquered many [...]

  • degenerative conditions

What Role Do Immune and Inflammatory Mechanisms Play in Degenerative Conditions?

The Role of Microbiome Diversity in Health and Disease  presented by David Perlmutter,MD,FACN,ABIHM Immune and inflammat [...]

  • Arthritis Recovery

Can Arthritis Be Treated Using a Functional Focus on Gut Repair?

Arthritis recovery is possible. This presentation focuses on understanding the relationship between the microbiome, leaky gut, and this systemic inflammation.

  • Infant Gut Colonization

Infant Gut Colonization and Future Health Implications

Infant gut colonization is influenced by breastfeeding, cesarean delivery and antibiotic use. Early disruption can be associated with a growing number of diseases later in life.

  • The Mind-Gut Connection

The Mind-Gut Connection

The Mind-Gut Connection details the fascinating and complex relationship between the gut and brain, it also offers a practical plan for harnessing this connection to improve our physical and mental health.

  • Infant Gut Colonization

Role of the Gut Microbiota in Health and Disease

Review the role of the gut microbiota in health and disease with experiments that cement the relationship of the gut microbiome to obesity and its metabolic complications.

  • Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease and Multi-Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome

The vast majorities of patients have gone undiagnosed with Lyme Disease for long periods of time. Learn how to diagnose and treat this and related infections.

  • biodiversity

Biodiversity, Ecosystem Changes, and Human Health

The loss of diversity and lack of biodiversity in the global ecology, soil health, and human microbiome has a direct relationship to our overall human health

  • gut-brain communication

Gut-Brain Communication

The concept that the gut and the brain are closely connected is deeply rooted in our language. Learn more about the biology of gut-brain communication.