trauma-and-transformationpresented by James Gordon, MD

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine has taught hundreds of thousands of children and adults its powerfully successful, integrative, evidence-based program for healing psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder—in Kosovo, Bosnia, Israel, Gaza, Haiti, and Macedonia, as well as in the United States. This recorded talk describes the model, which includes mind-body approaches (deep breathing, meditation, guided imagery, yoga, and biofeedback) and self-expression in words, drawings, and movement presented in a meditative and educational small group setting. We will discuss how the CMBM approach addresses the psychobiological changes that occur with trauma, as well as the social isolation and the spiritual despair that afflict so many traumatized people. During the presentations we experience some of the techniques ourselves and see, in brief and moving video clips, how they are inspiring and mobilizing war and disaster traumatized children and adults in Gaza and Haiti. I also share published research on this model (showing an 80-90% improvement in PTSD symptoms) and preliminary data from a Department of Defense sponsored randomized controlled trial with war-traumatized US veterans.

Recorded: February 2013