By: Michael E. Greer, MD

This seminar, which was presented at the 2014 Integrative Healthcare Symposium, offered attendees the opportunity to gain insight into Female Hormone Management from a different perspective. Hormones and diseases respond to a multifactorial input system that includes genetics, nutrition, cortisol regulation and detoxification, all of which will determine the final formulation of each specific hormone.

During his presentation, Dr. Michael Greer explained the interactions of the Female Endocrine System and  show how they must delicately respond to all input, both positive and negative that will  “DETERMINE THE DANCE OF THE HORMONES”  resulting  in either a positive or negative experience.

So much of hormone balance is based on receptor sites for the SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) with Estrogen being the dominant hormone and Testostosterone also being carried on the same receptor site.

The Impact of the individuals  Cortisol stress will imprint into the DNA of an unborn child IF the mother is chronically and continually stressed before conception.

The lesson here is that having a low stress (physical and mental)  existence will result in happier individuals and offspring.

Regulating Estrogen Dominance is the Key.

The Main FACT is the Estrone (E1 ) from fat cells upregulates Cortisol… AND High Cortisol upregulates Estone.

It a vicious circle and a catch 22. The Circle MUST be disrupted.

For a hormone to dance with other hormones, it must have a flexible response pattern, and it must be able to increase or decrease rapidly.

If the estrogen is built up in the system (i.e., not metabolized and eliminated efficiently), the ebb and flow of the hormones is then impaired, resulting in an imbalance and disruption of monthly cycling, pregnancy, and lactation

Healthy hormonal balance, both normal and postmenopausal, requires that the levels of hormone be tightly regulated, with rapid and effective disposal of used and unused estrogens.

Detoxification of all body systems with special emphasis on the Liver is the Key to Hormone communication and Health.

Enjoy the seminar slides,
Michael Greer M.D.

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