A Revolutionary Framework for Using Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom as a Complementary Approach for Breast Cancer Prevention

By Nan Lu, OMD

In the early twentieth century, modern scientists like Albert Einstein and others introduced us to a quantum world beyond classical science … and beyond our imagination. Their principles, theories and insights opened the door to new ways of seeing today’s reality. The beauty of Einstein’s theory of relativity allowed us to understand that two events or systems—seemingly with no relationship to each other in this dimension—can, in fact, be related at a higher level. For example, modern scientists have proved that space and time are not separate. In fact, they become one thing, which we now call the space-time continuum. They have also helped us understand that, though we believe we live in a world of solid matter, it is otherwise.  Quantum science has now proved to us that everything is energy. Everything exists in a unified field of dynamic interrelated patterns or probabilities. Many of us may recognize what is perhaps Einstein’s most well-known theory—E=MC². This concept tells us that mass and energy are interchangeable. They are different forms of the same thing. If two seemingly unrelated events or systems can merge at a higher dimension to become one thing, then it is time to understand that traditional Chinese medicine principles and theories are similar, if not interchangeable, with those of modern science. This thinking allows us to create a revolutionary framework for breast cancer prevention.

For many reasons, the time is right for introducing this unique framework for breast cancer prevention. From my study and practice, I have seen the remarkable changes that patients can achieve when they follow this path. I would like to share this approach with as many integrative practitioners and health-seekers as possible.

Virtually all of us in this country have been impacted by breast cancer. If you are a woman, you may already have this condition yourself—one in eight U.S. women is expected to develop breast cancer during her lifetime. Several hundred thousand new cases of invasive and non-invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed among U.S. women each year, according to the American Cancer Society. There’s no doubt breast cancer leaves a significant imprint on women’s health, but it also creates family hardships and financial dilemmas as well.

In our daily lives, we all use devices from cell phones to microwave ovens that are based on modern science concepts. In hospitals throughout the U.S., Western methods of breast cancer detection and treatment also use technologies based on the concepts of modern science. These include MRIs, CAT and PET scans, mammograms, chemotherapy, radiation and even surgery. From the Western perspective, this medical system successfully detects and treats breast cancer. These technologies have allowed us to make great strides in addressing breast cancer. Many women have benefited from the modern science concepts on which these technologies are based. Yet, currently, there are 2.5 million to 2.7 million breast cancer survivors in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, as many as 10 to 20 percent of these women already or will eventually develop recurrent breast cancer. If breast cancer treatments are successful, then why do we see recurrences? If we apply technology based on quantum science principles and theories to detect and treat breast cancer, why aren’t we using these same powerful theories to prevent it?

From the Western medicine perspective, the focus is on the breast cancer particle. We try to cut it out, radiate it, or create a toxic environment. But, cancer is not cancer itself; it is an energetic formation. If we base breast cancer treatment on the modern science point of view, however, we have to understand that breast cancer exists in the quantum field where everything is interrelated and nothing is separate. Though it uses devices and protocols based on modern medicine, Western medicine looks at treatment results in the world of physical matter, rather than seeks its original cause in the quantum field.

What are we missing? Based on what quantum theorists tell us, we are not seeing the whole picture. They tell us we cannot focus on the properties of the breast cancer particle without understanding and treating its relationships with the body’s organ systems, including emotions, the environment and other factors. Unless it is addressed, the root cause of the breast cancer will continue to exist in the energy field waiting for the right set of circumstances to activate it again. Let me explain further.

One essential concept modern scientists have taught us is that when we penetrate down through any solid object, we see that everything is energy. Quantum field theory tells us that there is an underlying unified state where everything is energy. This energy is not static, but a dynamic web of interrelated relationships. Nothing is separate from the field.  Einstein commented about the quantum field this way, “We may therefore regard matter as being constituted by the regions of space in which the field is extremely intense … there is no place in this new physics both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality.” This is the new reality he and others revealed to us. At the subatomic level, every atom and every particle is connected to every other atom and every other particle in the field. Ancient spiritual masters from many cultures had already discovered this concept thousands of years ago; they called it “oneness.”

Today’s science uses the vocabulary of the “quantum field” when discussing relativity and quantum physics. For thousands of year, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has used a different vocabulary to describe this same concept of interrelated reality. TCM calls this field, “Qi.” Qi is the same thing; Qi carries the information and energetic power of the Universe. Qi is all the invisible and visible aspects of the Universe, including matter. When we understand the principles and theories that TCM shares with modern science principles and theories, we discover many striking similarities. This opens the door to creating a revolutionary framework for a protocol for real breast cancer prevention.

If we all agree that the modern science principles behind breast cancer detection and treatment are correct, then a good question to consider is, why don’t we apply this deeper understanding to identify and treat the root cause of breast cancer to prevent recurrence? What does true prevention mean? What are we missing?

Today modern science says that all matter is made up of particles. These dynamic particles themselves are part of the energy field. Unless we understand the whole, we cannot completely understand the part. Quantum thinking leads us to understand we cannot isolate a cancer particle. To prevent a recurrence, we must understand all of its interrelationships in the quantum field. Western medicine focuses on breast cancer as a material substance. In this medical system, we do surgery or chemotherapy or radiation and then analyze the results to see if the cancer is gone. Because we haven’t dealt completely with the particle’s interrelationships, we say the person is cured. However, if we look at the cancer through the lens of modern science, we have to recognize that the cancer particle is itself a form of energy and exists as part of the energy field where everything is interrelated. It does not exist in isolation. We have to look at all its relationships.

Without balance in the field, there is always an opportunity for disease and illness. Where does this path lead us? It leads to the need to focus on the interconnected aspects that are out of balance and that influenced the development of the breast cancer in the first place. We have to turn our attention to life itself, to a woman’s lifestyle, her beliefs, emotions, foods, environment, and other factors, to produce balance and then harmony within the body.

Without a blueprint or treatment framework, this approach sounds impossible. How can we understand all the relationships of the cancer particle within the field? It is precisely at this point we can continue applying modern science principles and theories in the form of the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which has known and effectively applied these concepts for thousands of years. Above all, TCM is a medical system whose efficacy has sustained an entire culture for millennia and whose power lies in understanding energy and energetic function. With this time-tested system, we do have the ability to penetrate more deeply because it is based on Qi and a profound understanding of the energetic field. We can merge its quantum insights and treatments to complement breast cancer prevention.

First, like modern science, TCM principles and theories are based on the immutable laws of the Universe, not manmade laws. Second, TCM discovered and has successfully applied the principles and theories of modern science for thousands of years. Third, this medical system uses the Five Element framework—the TCM version of quantum relativity—to treat and diagnose conditions. This blueprint helps us understand the visible and invisible energetic relationships at many different levels of organs and organ functions. Fourth, with its meridian theory and understanding of the body’s energy channels, TCM can pinpoint which organs are out of balance and suffer from energy stagnation.

With the ancient wisdom of this body-mind-spirit medical system, we can actually move forward with modern science and identify the root cause of breast cancer and rebalance energetic relationships. With this kind of model for breast cancer prevention, we could establish a whole new way of thinking. This is especially relevant for integrative practitioners who already believe that everything is energy and that everything is interrelated in the body. Together we can bridge a significant gap in breast cancer prevention. We could move away from a singular focus on the cancer particle and disease and shift our attention to the energy field which allows us to focus on creating health and harmony. We could merge the principles and theories of modern science as we understand them today with the similar principles, theories and treatment modalities of traditional Chinese medicine. We can go deeper and direct our healing efforts to the subatomic level where everything is connected through Qi or energy.

Let me return now to E=MC²—energy and mass are interchangeable. If we apply TCM principles and theories, we can rebalance the body by increasing its energy function. When the energy field changes, mass can change as well. Therefore calcification, lumps, cysts, tumors, or other physical structures can change when energy is increased. How can that happen? For thousands of years, TCM has successfully used acupuncture, herbs, and special energy movements to rebalance organs and increase a patient’s Qi or vital energy. I have seen remarkable results in my practice with this approach. When Qi becomes stronger and more balanced, then mass and energy can be exchanged and breast cancer and its recurrence can be prevented.

While the theories of quantum science and relativity sprang from the minds of brilliant modern physicists, the theoretical cornerstones of TCM—the principle of Yin-Yang, meridian theory and the Five Element theory, for example—sprang from the  intuitive spiritual explorations of ancient Chinese healing masters. From my training, spiritual practice, and guidance from my master, I’ve been able to appreciate how modern science principles and theories mirror so beautifully those of traditional Chinese medicine.

For millennia, TCM has used its deepest insights on how energy flow at the quantum level impacts the body. It has also used its understanding of how the body, mind and spirit form a dynamic interconnected whole, to diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions, including the root causes and early warning symptoms of breast cancer, of which there are many. There are practical steps that women can take to increase energy, prevent breast cancer and remain well at the body, mind and spirit levels.

Relativity and quantum physics continue to revolutionize our lives in many ways. The technology we’ve gained as a result of these discoveries only hint at the possibilities ahead. Imagine the exciting breakthroughs in well-being we could achieve by merging modern science with the time-tested theories of TCM—one of the oldest, continuously practiced medicines on our planet. It shares the same understanding of matter, energy and interconnections as modern physics. For me, this points the way to a successful complementary approach to breast cancer prevention that goes far beyond early detection. If we understand these principles and theories and integrate them wisely, real prevention is possible and doable.

With my fellow panelists, quantum physicist Amit Goswami, PHD, and women’s health expert Melissa Thiel, MD, I’ll explore the application of these modern scientific theories further at our TCM World Foundation’s annual conference Building Bridges of Integration for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Chantilly, Virginia, October 17-20, 2013. A new work regarding this unique framework will be published by TCM World Foundation in 2014.

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