Examine the role nutrition and lifestyle play in our overall digestive health. Foods can trigger inflammation and allergic responses and often contain chemicals and compounds that challenge our health. Changes in the environmental and our individual lifestyles have resulted in increased chronic degenerative disease. Learn more about the effects of food sensitivities, gut dysbiosis and the role that toxicity can play in chronic disease.


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science of fatThe Slippery Science of Fat – The Fat We Eat and The Fat on Our Bodies

presented by Mark Hyman, MD

Since the 1970’s dietary fat has been public enemy number one. We have been exhorted to eat less fat and cholesterol to reduce weight and heart disease. In 2015 the US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee recommended removing dietary restrictions on fat and cholesterol from our dietary guidelines. Yet controversy still abounds regarding dietary fat and weight loss, and the risks and benefits of saturated fats and omega 6 oils. In this recorded presentation, Dr. Hyman reviews the state of the science of fat, weight loss (more fat equals more weight loss), and heart disease (more fat equals less heart disease), challenging traditional assumptions about fat, heart disease, metabolism, and the calorie theory of weight loss.

Recorded: February 2016

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the science behind the new dietary guidelines removing dietary fat and cholesterol restrictions
  2. Understand the differential effects of fat and carbohydrates on weight, metabolism, appetite, energy expenditure and chronic disease
  3. Understand the controversies regarding saturated fat and cholesterol and heart disease
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