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Nuvexa TM

Nuvexa TM Cutting Edge-Weight Management and Healthy Lipids Supplement

I will share the research on a specialized technology that allows a 1:9 bind ratio to dietary saturated fat preferentially.

When combined with a typical diet, this product binds 162 calories per meal for a total of 486 calories per day being bound in the GI tract and then expelled in waste. Thus by the end of a 7 day week, nearly 3500 saturated FAT calories are not absorbed. In addition the research points to improvement of cholesterol levels as well. Join me in reviewing the research as well as clinical cases with my patient successes. A more simple weight and healthy heart approach I have not found over the last 22 years of my clinical practice.

/uploadedImages/Davinci-Liposomal C1.jpgDaVinci Laboratories of Vermont

Discover the Ultimate Source for C – Liposomal C
Liposomal encapsulation of ingredients represents a new delivery system that offers important advantages over existing methods of delivery. The liposome has hydrophilic and hydrophobic sides offering a fat and water portion which allows vitamin C to be absorbed through the fat and water soluble pathways for optimal utilization by the body. This liposomal delivery system is especially beneficial for patients who have had gastric bypass surgery, general gastro-intestinal challenges, and for those patients who require large amounts of vitamin C.

Available in a pleasant tasting liquid.

NPS_Hevert-Detox Hevert Pharmaceuticals

Hevert Detox: Lymph, Liver, Kidney & Intestinum
Prescribe the complete Hevert Detox program with the confidence of knowing that you are supporting your patients’ health and happiness by helping them detoxify their bodies safely and effectively! Your patients will be getting the support they need for their lymphatic system, liver, kidney, and GI tract. Hevert has been providing innovative, award-winning homeopathic solutins for over 50 years.


Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) Now Available in Hormone Panels from Labrix!Labrix Clinical Services adds dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to the salivary hormone testing menu. If acne, scalp hair loss or hirsutism are a concern for your patients, consider adding DHT to the Comprehensive Plus Panel or Comprehensive Hormone Panel. Obtain a more precise clinical picture when assessing these conditions with the addition of DHT testing from Labrix.

NPS_MasterSupp-TruBifidoMaster Supplements Inc.

Master Supplements Inc. is proud to introduce our Professional Only probiotic TruBifido™. This product has five scientifically documented Bifidobacterium strains and a combined potency of 50 billion CFU’s per capsule. We are committed to providing superior products with efficacy and raising the standard on digestive health.

NPS_MushroomWisdom-Amyloban Mushroom Wisdom, Inc.

Suprising Help for an Aging Brain From an Unlikely Source!
We are seeing growing numbers and concern for supporting and protecting brain health as we age. Thankfully, Mushroom Wisdom Inc., in collaboration with leading researchers, has developed AMYLOBAN®3399. This research-based natural dietary supplement is derived from the unlikeliest of sources – the Lion’s Mane mushroom. It contains a unique extract called Amycenone™, which consists of concentrated and standardized amounts of hericenones and amyloban, the active compounds supporting brain and nerve function.

NPS_NeuroLumen-Wrap Neurolumen LLC. 

Low-Level LASERs, LEDs and electrical stimulation come together in an easy to use and administer wrap. Tis pain therapy device increases circulation and decreases inflamation so it can be utilized in the treatment of many disease states and disorders. Some of your most difficult cases can be solved with this simple and effective treatment.

NPS_Nutritional-SoupNutritional Medicinals, LLC.

Functional Formularies®Healing Soups
Functional Formularies® is thrilled to announce our new line of healing soups. These delicious soups are vegan, gluten, corn and soy free and are created using the food as a medicine model utilizing specific ingredients to support the body’s natural ability to heal. The soup line includes Rebecca Katz famous Magical Mineral Broth, Beautiful Butternut, Lovely Lentil, Glorious Greens and Mushroom Mantra.

Ortho-MITOCOREOrtho Molecular Products, Inc. 

Mitocore is a scientifically formulated blend of nutrients specifically designed to boost cellular and mitochondrial energy production, maximize antioxidant capacity, support detoxification and strengthen immune response. Based on peer-reviewed, double-blind research, Mitocore provides a unique blend of acetyl L-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid and N-acetyl cysteine.


Exclusive research and product development that identifies, targets, and resets the epigenetic function of age related clusters of genes (YGCs). ageLOC R2 resets YGCs for mitochondrial function and cellular purification. ageLOC TR90 resets YGCs for metabolism. Most innovative company by the American Business Awards. Finalist int he International Nutraceutical Business and Technology Award for Best New Finished Product. Best “New Product of the Year” by the International Business Awards. Accelerating age management research with more than 50 scientific presentations, poster, and articles at various prestigious conferences and symposia around the world. Pharmanex is the exclusive developer of this technology.



BioPhotonic Scanner
What’s your antioxidant score? Winner of the most innovative company in the USA by the American Business Awards. The BioPhotonic Scanner is the world’s first device that can accurately measure antioxidant status in live tissue. It is backed by over 60 peer-reviewed studies and has recently been published in a 10-year study with Yale University. Pharmanex is the exclusive distributor of this technology.

NPS_PharmLifePak NanoPharmanex

Pharmanex LifePak Nano 
Lifepak Nano formula recently updated based on the most current medical and nutrition research. Lifepak Nano is a proprietary innovation in age management with advanced bioavailability and maximum benefits for improved and proven clinical response. It’s designed to be the most scientifically advanced comprehensive micronutrient foundation for adults. Pharmanex operates the largest and most advanced research engine in the nutraceutical industry with over 75 in hour full time scientists. They were the first nutritional company to be able to sponsor the US Olympic Team and have set the industry standard for GMP for the nutraceutical industry.


HLC Baby B and Baby F 
Pharmax HLC Baby probiotic supplement promotes skin health, reduces incidence of skin sensitivity, and supports optimal microflora composition. HLC Baby is available in two formulations: HLC Baby B (for breast fed babies) and HLC Baby F (for formula fed babies). Both provide 10 billion CFU of proprietary human-sourced strains, plus galactooligosaccharides, a prebiotic fiber found in breast milk that supports the gastrointestinal microflora. HLC Baby F includes additional prebiotic fiber from fructooligosaccharides (FOS).

NPS_RelaxSaunaRelax Saunas of Momentum

Relax FIR Sauna
The Relax Far-infrared Sauna and Sky-Eye Radiator (medical device) are Breakthroughs in Far-Infrared Technology, using patented Semi-conductor Chips which emit 95-99% (not 60%) FIR Energy. Because the Relax Sauna heats up immediately, 5-10 minute treatments are extrememly effective in increasing core temperature, micro-circulation and lymph flow. Complete Sweat in 20 minutes. Recommended by hundreds of Integrative Doctors & youtube videos.

NPS_Roehr-BioGROEHR Pharmaceuticals

BioG™ Micro Tabs
Discover the next generation of nutritional supplementation, with the patented BioG™ Micro Tabs Ingredients Technology. With our proprietary software, health professionals can now provide each client with a personalized BioG Micto Tab blend. Manufactured to German Pharmaceutical Standards (cGMP) and blended in a US compounding pharmacy, our quality control standards are second to none.

NPS_StandardProcess-adrenalStandard Process

Adrenal Fundamentals
Adrenal Health Daily Fundamentals support healthy adrenal function and emotional balance. Each box includes a 30-day supply of individual packs (taken morning and evening). Each pack contains:

  • Drenamin® (3 tablets) supports adrenal function and helps maintain emotional balance and energy production.
  • Paraplex® (1 tablet) supports cellular health and healthy pancreas, pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal gland function.
  • Cataplex® A-C-P (2 tablets) supports cardiovascular health, immune system function, and cell maintenance.

NPS_StandardProcess-EndoStandard Process

Endocrine Fundamentals
General Female Endocrine Daily Fundamentals provide a protocol to support a healthy endocrine system and overall well-being. Each box includes a 30-day supply of individual packs (taken morning and evening). Each pack contains:

  • Catalyn® (2 tablets) contains vital nutrients, encourages healthy cell functioning, and supports overall well-being.
  • Symplex F® (1 tablet) supports healthy function of the ovaries and the adrenal, pituitary, and thyroid glands.
  • Black Currant Seed Oil (1 perle) supports proper eicosanoid synthesis and the body’s normal tissue repaid process.
  • Tuna Omega-3 Oil (2 perles) delivers essential omega-3 fatty acids (including DHA and EPA).
  • Hypothalamus PMG® (1 tablet) supports healthy hypothalamus tissue and function.

NPS_Tasly-ProHeartTasly Pharmaceuticals

PRO-Heart Plus
Pro-Heart Plus improves blood circulation and enhances myocardial blood flow. With its innovative and unique combination of Salvia Miltitorrhiza (Danshen) and Tienchi Ginseng, it is the result of 20 years of ground-breaking scientific reserach, evidencing that our pharmaceutical grade nutraceutical can provide cardiovascular health and wellness. Made by the pharmaceutical leader in scientific herbal medicine.

NPS_Tasly-ImmunotainTasly Pharmaceuticals

Immunotain Plus
Immunotain Plus is a real plus in supporting your immune system. It utilizes the legendary power of the natural Reishi mushroom whcih boosts the immune system’s function and assists the body’s defense system. With Tasly’s unique extraction process, the mushroom is carefully selected, freshly dried, purified and refined, meeting the FDA’s highest pharmaceutical quality control standards.

NPS_Tasly-ReMemoryTasly Pharmaceuticals

Re-Memory Plus
Re-Memory Plus is a real plus in supporting a clear memory. With its proprietary blend extract of all natural chemical-free herbs, it can increase cerebral blood flow, improve focus, concentration and memory. These aspects of Re-Memory Plus can contribute to a strong cognitive function. In fact, it’s the only pharmaceutical grade product in brain health, already approved in 34 countries.

NPS-Topricin-MyPainTopical BioMedics, Inc.

MyPainAway  Fibro Cream
Topical BioMedics, leader in topical patented biomedicines, makers of Topricin™ Pain Relief & Healing Cream Formulas & MyPainAway, introduced Fibro Cream 2014 with new formulas in development. Safe & effective for musculoskeletal pain/injuries, patented for the topical treatment of pain associated with fibromyalgia and neuropathy (chemo-induced & diabetic). Innovative healing technology reduces dependency for all classes of pain meds.


Health is in your hands
JIN SHIN JYUTSU® – Practicing the Art of Self-Healing (with 51 Flash Cards for the Hands-on Practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu) by Waltraud Riegger-Krause.

Health Is in Your Hands offers a comprehensive introduction to Jin Shin Jyutsu®, the Japanese healing art of harmonizing life energy. What makes Health Is in Your Hands indispensable is its flash-card set for immediate hands-on application, which allows you to choose the appropriate cards for any given symptoms. Health Is in your Hands is the ultimate First Aid Kit.


Ausanil®is a new non-prescription, homeopathic nasal spray that provides rapid* relief for severe headaches and migraine. Ausanil®is safe to use several times a day and will not interact adversely with other medications, will not cause stomach or liver problems and is safe for patients with cardiovascular disease. Available at less than 70c per dose!

*Most users have reported pain relief in a few minutes. Individual experience may vary.