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BioPharma Scientific®, Inc.

BioPharma Scientific®, Inc.

BioPharma Scientific®, based in San Diego, CA, formulates great tasting, natural, functional food powders, rich in organic, high antioxidant phytonutrients and nutraceuticals for use as dietary supplements. Combined or taken separately, these “superfood” products can be easily added to one’s diet and also support weight loss, alkalizing, detoxifying and fasting programs.

BioPharma’s SuperFood Solution™ is built around four, ready-to-mix formulas: NanoGreens10, NanoProPRP, NanOmega3 and NanoReds 10®. Each formula incorporates the company’s unique SuperSorb® Enhanced Delivery Systems, designed to promote greater absorption and utilization of nutrients by the body.

By combining better taste with better science, BioPharma’s products are providing benefit to practices and their patients across the country.

BioPharma Scientific®' products are available through qualified health professionals.


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Address: 9010 Kenamar Dr, Suite 101
San Diego, CA  92121  US
Phone number: 858-622-9493
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NanoReds10, Fruit and Vegetable SuperFood
NanoReds10, Fruit and Vegetable SuperFood  

NanoReds10, Fruit and Vegetable SuperFood is an all-natural, high fiber, antioxidant rich juice powder drink mix featuring “super fruits”: pomegranate, lemon, cranberry, chokeberry, pumpkin, blueberry, elderberry, cherry, black currents, hibiscus and apples; plus “super veggies”: carrot, tomato, spinach, and broccoli. NanoReds10 features Wellberry™, a combination of Amla fruit (Indian gooseberry) and a patented fatty acid form of vitamin C which increases the antioxidant power of polyphenols. NanoReds10 delicious natural berry taste delivers only 45 calories, yet contains no added sugar, artificial colors, preservatives, soy, gluten or genetically modified ingredients. Available exclusively through health professionals. Free samples upon request.
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