The Integrative Healthcare Symposium Annual Conference took place February 23-25 at the New York Hilton Midtown in New York City.

Check back for post-show updates, news, and interviews from editor, Katy Rushlau (, who reported live from the show.

Click here for more information on the annual conference.

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The Complete IHSNY17 Conference Package

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IHSNY17 Conference Recording Bundles

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“Brain warrior” offers integrative approach to psychiatric intervention

You are in a war for the health of your brain, said Daniel Amen, MD, director of the Amen Clinics and author The Brain W [...]

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Video: The best approach to lifestyle medicine

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Experts weigh in on the future of integrative medicine

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Seven self-care tips for practitioners and patients

Providers must have a self-care practice, or start one immediately, says Victoria Maizes, MD, who spoke at the Integrati [...]

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Be smarter with data to achieve better patient outcomes

There are many different ways to use data to make high-value, real-time decisions in the clinical environment, according [...]

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Lifestyle fundamentals to address with patients

The lifestyle medicine formula is very clear and very discreet, said David Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACLM, during an interv [...]

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Your guide to the Integrative Healthcare Symposium 2017: Live coverage from Integrative Practitioner

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Integrative medicine meets public health

What do you want your health for? That was the question posed by Victoria Maizes, MD, executive director of the Universi [...]

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