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Chris Meletis, ND


Executive Director and Officer of Academic Affairs for the Institute of Healthy Aging (IHA)
Dr. Chris D. Meletis is on a mission to "Change America's Health One Person at a Time." His devotion to this motto is evident in the care he gives his patients in private practice as well as the countless hours he spends in pursuits that further the cause of alternative health. His devotion to helping those in need is reflected in one of his most rewarding endeavors — starting 16 clinics that provide care for uninsured families. These clinics offer an array of services from purely naturopathic to fully integrated yielding upwards of 16,000 patient visits per year for the uninsured poor. In addition, he is an Advisory Board Member for the Head Start Health Advisory Committee for Portland Public Schools.

Thanks to his devotion to helping those in need and his vast knowledge about alternative medicine, Dr. Meletis is well respected by patients and colleagues alike. The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians named him the 2003 Naturopathic Physician of the Year. 

Dr. Meletis also has served as the Chief Medical Officer and Dean of Naturopathic Medicine for the NCNM for seven years and subsequently served as the NCNM's Senior Science Officer. In his many roles, he represented the NCNM in the areas of scientific publication, media relations, Institutional Review Board (IRB) and state mandated pain management program participation, and public lectures. Through the NCNM he also serves as an Oregon Health Science University (OHSU) National Institute of Health grant ambassador.

Casting his net beyond what can be accomplished in the U.S., Dr. Meletis has served as the Chairman of International Association of Naturopathy—Japan, a title he has held since June 2004. His responsibility is to lead an organization with a mission "To pioneer, safeguard and promote the passage of the integrity and traditions of Naturopathic Medicine into Japan, through the exchange of ideas and the transfer of knowledge and education from the West into the Eastern World."

Dr. Meletis is an internationally recognized expert in his field. He is the author of 14 books, including Herbs and Nutrients for the Mind (Greenwood Publishing), Enhancing Fertility: A Couples Guide to Natural Approaches (Basic Health Publications), and Natural Medicine Interactions—The Safe Use of Natural Medicine (Eclectic Medical Publications). In addition, he is author of more than 200 nationally published health and wellness articles. Dr. Meletis is frequently called upon to lecture on various topics including metabolic syndrome, women's health, cardiovascular health and herb/drug interactions. His expertise also came into play during the formulation of various products for more than a dozen national and international nutritional supplement companies.

Recently, Dr. Meletis has expanded his outreach to become the Executive Director and Officer of Academic Affairs for the Institute of Healthy Aging (IHA). Dr. Meletis' extensive experience as a Dean and Chief Medical Officer for the NCNM, the oldest four-year post baccalaureate school of naturopathic medicine, makes him uniquely qualified to guide the IHA in its mission of empowering and educating individuals on the scientifically and clinically relevant steps essential to the healthy aging process.

His role with IHA will be to oversee the curriculum, faculty and the successful journey of all the students that seek to achieve a deeper foundational understanding of how and why the body must be properly fueled, rested, exercised and supplemented. This allows the body to thrive rather than to simply survive in today's health-adverse society. Dr. Meletis' responsibilities at the IHA are in line with his belief that health and wellness is a personal choice and responsibility.

According to Dr. Meletis, "It is my heartfelt wish and goal that all people, along with their family and friends, will join me in changing the world's health one person at a time. Together we can all live full, healthier and high-impact lives."

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