A quick reference for using the Member Center functions on the site.

The Member Center provides information about members including credentials and bios.
The Member Center Tab takes you to your personal profile page. Here you may edit your profile to update information about yourself, as well as upload a small photo. This helps other practitioners recognize you, seek your opinions, or add you to case study teams.

You have the abililty to publish articles to your profile page that become searchable on the site. You may also collect your favorite articles, by choosing +add favorites in the rating area for each article.

From your profile page, Click “find members”, to see other member profiles. Reach out to people in your area, those practicing the same modality, or bridge referral alliances.

Members may create colleague networks by inviting members from the member search. Search for Members by name, profession, state, etc. The search results box shows links on each name that allow you to view colleague profiles. Beside each name is a link to invite them into your personal network of colleagues.

To add members to your network: Click the link that says “Invite Colleague” beside their name. That member will then see notification to accept your invitation on their profile page. When members accept your invitation, they will appear on your colleague list.

Personal email addresses are not visible on the site. Use in-site messaging to privately converse with peers. See your INBOX on the left navigation on the profile page.  This is your private communitcation tool. IF you want to post a public message to a member, you may do so by posting a note on their message board on their profile page! Each member can delete or edit their own messages.

If you need help in this area, do not hesitate to contact us !