Integrative Practitioner member Kalama Hochreiter discusses how energy healing can be an effective integrative health tool.

By Integrative Practitioner member Kalama Hochreiter, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Bio-Integrative Consulting, Co-Owner of
Universal White Time Healing

Energy!  We all have it.  We all use it and if you watched “What the Bleep!” or understand physics, you know it is in everything that is. A number of pioneers have even ventured forth to use it for healing of medical, as well as emotional and spiritual issues. 

But is all energy the same?  Many in the emerging field of energy healing would say yes.  Energy is energy.  My experience and observation is that we are just at the very tip of the iceberg in this area and the differences in energies are as vast as the universe that holds them.   As we develop effective ways to measure and discern these differences through research, this truth will become as common knowledge as the differences between radio waves, TV waves, cell phone energies, and X-rays.

Today I am exploring the subtle energy of Universal White Time Healing.  Using this energy is a remarkable experience and difficult to explain briefly because of its amazing effects.  It might seem similar to Reiki or other energy healing methods. As a Reiki Master for many years and an adjunct faculty at University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine, I taught Reiki to many medical professionals, MDs, RNs, NPs, etc. Those who have also taken this training agree that Universal White Time Healing has many positive differences and benefits and heals more effectively with a vibrational quality of purity and sacred light that does not exist in other methods.  This light actually reaches into the space between the atoms of every cell of our bodies, as well as into our energy fields; it is not the same as gathering or balancing chi. 

A session often begins with the Golden Movement, the energy field/aura is scanned and the healing begins.  Placement of the hands on many different places of the client’s body allows for this energy to reach into the body, the aura and all the layers of energy.  During the healing, the practitioner could be cleansing the chakras, removing energetic debris from a lifetime of challenges; adjusting the color of the aura where needed; relaxing a tense shoulder; and healing a painful knee, which contains trauma from 2000 years ago.  These changes take place regardless of the practitioner’s ability to perceive all the detail of the past experience and extend into the present as well as for future effects.

There are various energy techniques used with the client, and these can be done in person or by distance.  Some are removing cords, cleaning out chakras, balancing the sides of the body, using light tubes to give a stored battery effect of energy, etc.  Each helps to clear or mend the energy fields to allow more light and clarity to reach the core soul of the client, and assist them to return to health and wellness and also fulfill their life.  White as the primary energy color facilitates color healing, since all the colors are included in white and the appropriate color is automatically applied.  In addition, time is treated as one unit, so that the healing always goes to the cause in the past when the injury or illness began, continues into the present and also reaches to the future.  It is this flow of energy that provides the healing and is activated in all initiated to this energy. We call it total love and it comes from a cosmic divine source.

Images of the past may cross into the consciousness of the client or an experienced healer.  Regardless of the cause, the energy always seeks to resolve any disturbance felt in any part of the energy body.  If the disturbance is karmic, or contractual, to be worked on in this lifetime, that is respected but the energy may still soften the experience or allow other beneficial energies to assist.  Causes of the disturbances can be pain or trauma experienced in this life, or vibrational dissonance created by a thought form.   At times the interference could be from a prior death from a knife in the heart chakra, either literally or energetically.   A cord could connect one to an ex-lover and these roots prevent moving forward in life.  A prior life as a warrior could manifest experiences as a victim.  A death from a fall might create severe and intractable shoulder or hip pain.  Someone who was extremely rich and greedy might experience poverty today. While there can also be current physical and emotional causes for injuries and challenges in life, most require spiritual and energetic treatment for full recovery. 

Here are some transformative experiences from clients:  A woman who was unable to cry for 40 years began to cry within the first 30 minutes of the first session, releasing deeply stored grief embedded in her cells and energy fields.   For one in extreme pain for 8 years with Reflex Sympathetic Disorder had diminished pain after three sessions and began to heal the past life causes.  For a woman with jaw pain, the healing became an adjunct service that facilitated a complete transformation of her energy and release of major stumbling blocks in her life and relationships.   A woman with neck pain of several months duration was completely free of pain in one session.  Several clients who appreciate the transformative value of this work receive regular sessions and while their health is basically stable, are working instead on deeper esoteric spiritual transformation. 

This form of healing works deeply and lasts about 24-28 days within the body, which means it continues working for that period of time. Fewer sessions are needed and practitioners will not advise continuing healing if change is not seen in 10 sessions.  We also heal food, water, animals, nature, children, plants, situations, etc. with this energy.   There are no side effects and no toxic cleansing response.  It is totally safe and grows stronger within the practitioner every time it is used.

Pain is reduced; an overall feeling of well-being is accomplished and stays with the client for weeks.  Anxiety and depression are eliminated or reduced as is stress.  Injuries including damage to organs, the brain, the muscles and bones heal more quickly.  Clients (and practitioners) are energized and relaxed, experience less insomnia, feel lighter and more clear.  Sessions are appropriate for any injury or disease diagnosis and are especially effective for those with a more complex array of concerns that are not easily solved by traditional methods.

There are four levels of learning available.  The first level is comparable to Reiki One and Two but is a full weekend of learning, giving detailed instruction, practice and three initiations.  The second level begins the more advanced work which continues through to the fourth. There are no prerequisites and I find that a beginner can easily work with this energy while an experienced healer is taken to her next level of learning.  Because this is also a spiritual learning path, everyone who wishes can learn and grow. For those willing to walk through this doorway, most experience major positive transformation in their lives, either as a recipient or practitioner of this energy.