Stress is an underlying causal factor for many acute and chronic disease states and can impact the immune, nervous and inflammatory pathways in the body.  This report focuses on current and past research as it examines the effects of botanical Adaptogens and their influence on the neuroendocrine and other systems in the body.  

What impact does stress have on the body and how can herbal solutions help?


In this new report, integrative practitioners share their knowledge of herbal solutions and how various botanicals can help reduce stress and improve health in patients. Learn about case studies and clinical trials that focus on the powerful influence of botanicals on the neuroendocrine system and other systems in the body.


Did you know:  

• Rhodiola rosea can increase physical performance, improve focus and reduce fatigue

Eleuthero root helps control blood sugar irregularities and reduces fatigue

Holy basil modulates corticosteroid activity, regulates inflammation and normalizes adrenal hypertrophy and plasma creatinine kinase levels

• Passionflower can be as effective as any antianxiety drug on the market  


Also, find out what types of questions practitioners should ask patients in order to diagnose stress-induced conditions and how to begin a cycle of treatment using natural, herbal solutions.  


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