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Carlson Laboratories

Heartbeat Elite - Carlson Laboratories Inc.Heartbeat Elite 
Cardiovascular health is an essential component of longevity and vitality, and certain nutrients are essential to good cardiovascular health. ®Heartbeat Elite was carefully formulated to provide the nutrients you need for optimal heart health in one convenient supplement package. ®Heartbeat Elite provides higher doses of B-Vitamins, CoQ10, L-Carnitine and essential Minerals. This formula also contains trace minerals, Grape seed extract and Alpha Lipoic Acid. ®Heartbeat Elite promotes normal electrical activity of the heart while maintaining the integrity of capillary walls, and helps convert fats into energy. More>> 

Douglas Laboratories 

Douglas Laboratories - Citrus-Solu-Q

Citrus Solu-Q
Citrus Solu-Q™ is a Caplique™ containing natural coenzyme Q10 in a patented, self-assembling nanocolloid delivery system for enhanced absorption.  When mixed with an aqueous phase, this formula, based on proprietary technology, results in the spontaneous formation of a nanocolloidal solubilized CoQ10. This colloidal delivery system contains a highly uniform distribution of droplets that are typically less than 100 nm in diameter, and allows for enhanced absorption of coenzyme Q10.

Innate Response

Innate Response - Women's Renewal

Women’s Renewal 
Innate Response is proud to introduce Renewal MetaCore™ Greens. Going beyond conventional greens formulas, certified organic Renewal MetaCore Greens is a clinical strength, multi-care formula with the nutrition of 25 organic fruits, vegetables, gender-specific and endocrine-restorative botanicals, 3 billion immune-enhancing probiotics, antioxidants, whole food nutrients and cold-milled organic hemp protein providing soluble and insoluble fiber and omega oils. Each multi-care formula is meticulously crafted with researched dosages designed to work in unison for a complete solution. Providing whole food sources of protein, fiber and omega oils from hemp, macro and micronutrients, and the complex and diverse mixture of plant compounds, Renewal MetaCore delivers the nutrition for which S.A.D. patients are starving. More>>

Living Foods USA 

Living Foods USA - New Zealand Green Barley Grass

New Zealand Green Barley Grass 
The most complete single food for humans on THE PLANET – full of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and natural state amino acids. It’s easier for your body to recognize nutrients in the food state. More>> 


Natural Clinician

Natural Clinician - Clinical SleepClinical SleepTM
The importance of restful sleep in health promotion has been well defined in recent medical literature. Sleeplessness causes obvious behavioral changes, but it also contributes to the promotion of obesity, uncontrolled diabetes, metabolic disorders similar to Syndrome X and premature aging. Clinical Sleep™ combines the synergy of several sedative or adaptogenic herbs, together with nutrients that alter body functions, involved in the cascade of sleep induction and cycling. More>>