The vision of the NYANP is to be a strong voice in NY healthcare and to ensure the betterment of New York State through the active promotion of the art and science of naturopathic medicine and the advancement of its practice.

The Vision of the NYANP is to advance access to and awareness of Naturopathic Medicine in New York.  The Mission of the NYANP is Healthy Patients, Licensed NDs.

NYANP is dedicated to achieving licensure for NDs in New York to protect the public, optimize healthcare delivery options, reduce healthcare costs, and maintain the integrity of our profession.  NYANP is building partnerships with other health professions and with others in the holistic and natural products communities. We host an annual conference on holistic/natural therapies each Fall and monthly dinners that are open to members of all health professions. For more information about us, or to support our efforts, please visit: 


Address & Contact:
303 Park Avenue South #1175
New York, NY 10010
Tel: 1-800-846-6778