Practitioners post their recent comments and feedback on discussion topics ranging from how to grow your practice to useful supplements for traumatic brain injury.

Recently Posted/Updated Discussions from Practitioners

Susan Luck discusses The Dietary Supplement Safety Act and asks pracitioners if political action is a necessary part of practice management.

Susan Luck discusses Obama’s recent healthcare reform bill and asks about the importance of health coaching in educating patients and practitioners.

Site moderator Barbara Steinberg asks practitioners about their involvement with Haiti’s relief efforts.

Sharon Ufberg, DC responds to a discussion about contraceptive hormones titled Should we avoid the Pill?

Elsie Kerns initiates a discussion about a recent webinar called The Healing Power of Women Series 

Bob Koh discusses a colon cancer patient with no family history of cancer

Cathlene Scoblionko talks about Assessing Leg Pain

Joel Evans starts a discussion on Reiki: for which patients, when?

Shahin Ahmedov initiates a discussion titled “Real Acupuncture vs. Sham Acupuncture”

Mridul Sahani discusses hair therapy, otherwise referred to as the Transmission of Homoeo Drug Energy from a Distance, in this post. 

Jan Stiles, RN discusses practice management in relation to how pracitioners have become creative with insurance liability issues.

Terri McCormick, RN, BSN, CHPN, asks practitioners to share their thoughts on the use or development of the least allopathic interventions for HIV/AIDS, a topic closely related to her experience as a hospice nurse and being diagnosed with HIV.

Kerri Knox, RN and Kelley Rico, Energy Medicine, respond to a discussion thread on integrative medicine treatments for traumatic brain injury, offering suggestions for treatment through the use of vitamin supplements such as magnesium.

Isake Lockett Holloway, RN offers personal insight and a suggestion for how to grow your practice during a slow economy.

Kerri Knox, RN responds to a thread on how cleaning up germs in hospitals can help stop the spread of superbugs and also comments on a discussion around the most effective lab tests for analyzing nutritional deficiencies.