June 2012 John Weeks Integrator Round-up on Employers

WebMD pumps health coaching to employer community

“Integrating Coaching into a Global Wellness Strategy.” So headlined the WebMD invitation for a June 13, 2012 webinar to explore health coaching as a key measure in limiting costs related to health. The webinar will be held 2:00-3:00 ET. In the appeal, WebMD presents coaching as a “foundational” component in US wellness programs. The hour-long webinar is free.  

Comment: The webinar targets employers but there is nothing to keep a non-employer from gathering intelligence by listening in. It would be nice if WebMD and some of these employers would see the value in a little corporate contribution to the National Consortium for Credentialing Health & Wellness Coaches (NCCHWC) that is working to rationalize this field by creating education and certification standards.