A few Top 10 Lists from 2010 Integrator, AANMC, Community Acupuncture, plus …?Each year since 2006 the Integrator Blog News & Reports has published a Top 10 list of events and action from the  prior year. The 2010 list is


A few Top 10 Lists from 2010: Integrator, AANMC, Community Acupuncture, plus …? 
Each year since 2006 the Integrator Blog News & Reports has published a Top 10 list of events and action from the  prior year. The 2010 list is here. In 2009 I added a Top 10 People in Integrative Practice. The 2010 “people” list is here. (Most of you won’t be surprised that the people list has has more readers than the events list. Shows that at this level we are all well integrated with our culture.) Meantime, reader Lisa Rohleder, LAc, co-founder of the Community Acupuncture Network (on the 2006 list), sent a note on December 28th that she “took a lesson from you and started an end of year summary for the [Community Acupuncture Network]. Rohleder’s posting is here. In addition, I also discovered while googling around regarding Huffington Post and integrative medicine (my #8 for 2010) that Coquina Deger of the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges, who also honored Arianna Huffington, is about to publish a Milestones 2010. Any other end of year lists from these fields out there?

 Bottom Feeder of the Year: Edzard Ernst for his pro-active polarizing
In the midst of the year end reflection, Italian integrative medicine leader Paolo Roberti di Sarsina, MD forwarded notice of an article entitled “Edzard Ernest holds forth again.”  Apparently Ernst, a well-known CAM writer adn conventional mouthpiece in England, published an article entitled “Acupuncture – a treatment to die for?” In a review of 20 years of acupuncture publications, Ernst found 469 adverse events (including, reportedly, “fainting”). That’s 22 a year. A critical reading finds “the data are partial and his conclusions limited.” Chiropractors will know that the same Edzard Ernst also published Deaths After Chiropractic in 2010, another literature review. Family physicians loved this study. Integrator reader Tom Ballard, RN, ND, sent notice that Medscape listed Ernst’s work as the 4th most read article by family physicians. Chiropractic researcher Anthony Rosner, PhD writes of Ernst in “another misbegotten  review” that Ernst’ work is “discredited” and “in many cases blatantly misleading.” No one likes to see any adverse events, especially deaths. As one analyst of Ernst’ work states: “A single injury – let alone a fatality – caused by acupuncture is one too many, but we have to wonder why Dr. Edzard Ernst, Chair in Complementary Medicine at the University of Exeter, keeps emphasizing the risks.” It is not as though the conventional culture is not already biased toward seeing risk from what it doesn’t know. Ernst gets an award for choosing the rut most traveling by, and digging it deeper.

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