Case study on chiropractice care and cancer treatment


Case Study CD-ERMC3

By: Jeffrey A. Sklar, D.C.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America® at Eastern Regional Medical Center

Introduction: This case study shows an example of chiropractic being utilized in the integrative setting for treatment of a patient with cancer. This patient was treating with Gleevec for CML since 2005. Since beginning the drug and having the dosage changed several times with other drugs administered in between, the patient has suffered from chronic vertigo and sinus pain due to mucosal membrane inflammation from chemotherapy. The patient reported the vertigo to be most significant when rising from a prone or supine position. Repositioning herself during sleep had become a contributory.  After one treatment, the patient reported several days later that there was more than a seventy percent reduction in her symptoms. 

Objective:    Oncology care has a host of side effects that can frequently be treated with complimentary therapies.  Specifically, chiropractic may be utilized for conditions beyond common musculoskeletal complaints. 

Case Report: Patient CD-EMRC3 is a 54 year old female that was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous leukemia in 2005. She began treatment for CML in 2005 and has since suffered with several side effects, one significant side effect being vertigo. The patient was received an upper cervical chiropractic evaluation on June 7, 2011. Atlas was found to have restricted motion on left lateral bending and left rotation with passive range of motion. Foraminal compression was positive on the left side at the C3-4 level. Hypertonicity was moderately severe in the sub-occipital triangle on the left. Treatment consisted of soft tissue mobilization of the involved sub-occipital and gentle cervical joint mobilization. The patient immediately reports feeling reduced stress and was able to rise from a supine position more easily with less dizziness. When she returned two days later for follow up treatment, she reported a seventy percent improvement of her vertigo symptoms. 

Conclusion: Patient CD-EMRC3 experienced significant and immediate lasting relief of vertigo symptoms after one chiropractic treatment. More patients on chemotherapy should be assessed for vertigo and referred for chiropractic evaluations.