The Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation offers instructor training for a program using Traditional Chinese Medicine to aid weight loss and stress management.

Instructor Training for Unique Weight Loss and Stress Management Program that Helps Participants Successfully UnLock Self-Healing Abilities

The multibillion dollar weight loss industry has people convinced that “lose weight; gain energy” is the right way to look and feel better. The time-tested principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), however, advise us that “gain energy; lose weight” is the healthier way to go. Now, a powerful program that does just that offers instructor training in a unique healing effort that allows individuals who enjoy helping themselves and others learn how to connect with the true healing potential. 

The Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation, based in New York City, will conduct the kickoff of its next application-only spring 2011 Dragon’s Way® Instructor Training from February 17-19, 2011. Applying the ancient principles of TCM with a strong focus on Qigong practice, the Dragon’s Way® has helped thousands of individuals rebalance their bodies, build a solid energy foundation, shed pounds and reduce or eliminate chronic health issues.

Launched more than a decade ago, The Dragon’s Way® is unique because it works on the invisible level to build Qi or vital energy deep within the body. This Qi carries information as well as power that can help individuals reconnect with the true source of healing and activate their special healing codes. Already taught by more than 60 instructors, The Dragon’s Way® program is in the process of expanding its team of instructors nationwide to help satisfy demand for this unusual healing effort. The Dragon’s Way ® Instructor Training includes an intensive, yearlong process of practice, self-cultivation, distance and experiential learning. Class sizes are limited so that instructors-in-training receive personal, hands-on attention and are supported throughout the training process. To maintain the integrity of The Dragon’s Way® Program, a qualifying exam is required before instructors are given permission to teach this program in their communities.

Ultimately, The Dragon’s Way® Instructor Training, which goes beyond “book” knowledge, is an immersion experience in the self-healing powers of Qigong and a deep understanding of the principals of the ancient medical system of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is designed to prepare and certify dedicated individuals to conduct the six-week Dragon’s Way® Stress Management and Weight-Loss program in their own communities, through self-cultivation, group support, and practical, hands-on training.
No prior knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine or Qigong is required. For complete details, please visit