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The Institute for the Advancement of Complementary Therapies has been created to:

  • Promote public awareness regarding the inclusion of complementary therapies in mainstream health care
  • Create a forum for on-going dialogue both among health care providers from all perspectives, and between providers and consumers
  • Offer health care providers from all perspectives the skills of communicating across modalities, traditions, and paradigms
  • Promote, design and execute research into the safety and efficacy of integrative health care approaches
  • Create interdisciplinary programs within hospitals and clinical settings
  • Actively pursue ways to bring the support of complementary therapies to a broader population, especially those who are largely under-served
  • Support all individuals in discovering the healing modalities within their own cultural traditions
  • Model the healing value of compassionate, respectful relationship through the quality of relationship we create with one another and with those we serve. 


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