How to find and communicate one-on-one with other members of Integrative Practitioner.

The Member Center is your entry into the online network of the Community.  Here you can find and communicate one-on-one with other members. 

When you are logged in, the “Member Center” tab at the top opens automatically on your personal profile…which you can edit anytime.

To search for another member…just click on the “browse through the member list” link, then search for colleagues by name, practitioner type, or location.  You will see their profiles and you will be able to contact them privately here through your “In-Box”, actual email addresses are never displayed or disclosed. 

You may also invite members to be”your colleague” by clicking on “Invite as Colleague” by their name.  They will receive a notice in their online member profile and also by email.  When they accept your invitation, you may communicate together…share experiences, seek expertise or develop localized case teams.