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Jill’s List marks deal with Massachusetts Chiropractic Society

A January 24, 2012 release has announced that Jill’s List has inked a deal with the Massachusetts Chiropractic Society through which the Society will urge its 700 members to become participating providers on Jill’s List.   Scott Darragh, DC, a vice president with the Massachusetts Chiropractic Society calls it “a wonderful partnership.” He adds: “We are aiming to have all our 700 plus members of the MCS on Jill’s List and it’s a great way for us to collaborate with other practitioners, help patients get the right information about their overall health and even work with other doctors to complement our patients overall well being.” Jill’s List calls “all about sharing the health — the resources, information, practitioners — so consumers can have one place to go to evaluate and construct their overall comprehensive health and wellness plan.” Jill Shah, CEO and founder, calls the relationship “our first of many partnerships to come with organizations who represent professionals in the Integrative Healthcare community.”  

Comment: I recently had the opportunity to participate in an evening event that Jill’s List founder and CEO Jill Shah facilitated in which the integrative medical leadership of all of Boston’s health systems gathered together for the first time. Shah was a lead organizer of the meeting and the group met at her offices as does Boston’s integrative health community, monthly. The firm thus far appears to have nested in its business model a far deeper integration of health consumers and practitioners than other similar inter-net based operations that have popped up. This firm bears watching.