Sharon Ufberg, DC shares her experience undergoing a fourteen-day detoxification and rejuvenation regimen.

by Sharon Ufberg, DC

With spring finally arriving in New York City, I decided to, “practice what I preach,” and embark on a fourteen-day detoxification/rejuvenation regimen. This classic elimination diet is the one we all recommend so freely to our patients who suffer from a variety of symptoms that may be related to food sensitivities, allergens or toxicity. The restrictive diet along with a myriad of nutritional supplements is sure to get one jumpstarted to a new level of purification and wellness. This type of diet is also often used to support patients during and after chemotherapy and radiation treatment and for those patients who are undergoing serious medical interventions, battling acute illness or chronic conditions.

It was with a great deal of enthusiasm that I began the fourteen-day purification diet. However, I was unaware and surprised to find out how overwhelming the preparations and daily routines are for this regimen. The amount of work required each day to strictly adhere to this diet is daunting. Quite frankly, I do not know how a person who is already ill would have the energy or strength to follow the prescribed protocol.

As a healthy, active and energetic woman, I am loath to admit how exhausting the initial start-up for this rejuvenation actually was to me. Let’s begin with the preparations. First, there was the 2-hour ordeal at Whole Foods, to buy the shopping list of foods required; all organic and nutritional supplements, including two thermoses for hot liquids, two shake holders and carrying cases for two people. (Did I mention I enlisted my husband into this detoxification process too?) For one week’s worth of rejuvenation, the grocery bill totaled a whopping $722.00. Next, the entire day prior to beginning the diet I spent making vegetable broths, brown rice varieties and deciphering the intricate instructions for the weeks’ menus and supplements.

To participate in an enhanced experience, one is encouraged to wake up 90 minutes earlier than usual to write in a daily journal, continue any ongoing exercise routine or morning ritual and follow a precise order of remedies. This continues throughout the day with a specific meal schedule ending with a recommended leisurely bath followed by journaling before bedtime.

The first few days I felt exhausted and slept poorly. I could not maintain my exercise routine and felt totally bogged down by the amount of effort it was taking to get through my day. By day three I was feeling physically more energetic but still frazzled by the amount of details I had to remember to stay within the diet protocols.

It is easy to understand why people who are financially able simply ship themselves off to a resort health spa to fulfill their desire to purify and juvenate in this manner. It is not easy to adhere to this schedule and continue with your regular work and home responsibilities.

The good news is that if you have the determination to continue, it does get easier. By the second week, most of the ongoing recipes are memorized, some success in the weight loss category is motivating and one can feel empowered knowing that they have done a great deal for their overall health status

As a trusted practitioner, we must try and remember how difficult it is for the patient to carry out some of our easily dished out advice. I highly recommend each of you to bravely do this diet for a week or two before advising patients to do the same.

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