August 2012 John Weeks Integrator Round-up on Integrative Centers

Integrative medicine team at Columbia publishes Integrative Cancer Strategies for Cancer Patients

A multidisciplinary team from the long-standing Integrative Therapies Program at Columbia University Medical Center has published Integrative Cancer Strategies for Cancer Patients. The co-authors on the book are Elena J. Ladas, MS, RD, and Kara Kelly, MD. Top integrative oncologists David Rosenthal, MD and Donald Abrams, MD, a past president of the Society for Integrative Oncology (SIO), laud the text for fulfilling on its promise to provide patients, families and practitioners quality information on “managing the side-effects of cancer therapy.” Ladas is director and Kelly medical director of the program. Kelly is also incoming president of SIO. Other contributing authors are Christine Grimaldi, PhD, Deborah Hughes Ndao, MPH, Diane Rooney, MS, LAc, LMT and Katherine Taromina, MS, LAc. All proceeds from sales of the book underwrite Columbia’s integrative therapies program. The book, from World Scientific press, is directly available here.

Comment: While I am not a clinician and thus an inappropriate evaluator of this work from an integrative clinical perspective, my bet is that the team’s long experience in delivering care infuses the book with practical know-how.


Briefly noted developments on health system integrative medicine programs

These brief notes are from Google’s alert function.

  • The University Hospitals (Ohio) Connor Integrative Medicine Network center posted information about its Ahuja Medical Center’s integrative psychiatry program here.
  • The University of Arizona Center posted in formation about it’s elective rotation in integrative medicine.
  • A study of a memory supplement from Sutter Downtown Integrative Medicine in Sacramento was featured in a Georgia media outlet.
  • Victoria Sierpina, MD posted a review of Integrative Medicine, 3rd edition by U Wisconsin IM leader David Rakel, MD on the University of Texas site with which Sierpina is affiliated.
  • University of Pennsylvania’s Myrna Brind Center for IM research director Andrew Newberg was prominently featured in a Forbes piece on  how language works in corporate communications.
  • A Parkinson’s support group donated $6000 to Delaware’s Beebe Medical Center’s Center for Integrative Health.
  • UCLA’s Collaborative Centers for Integrative Medicine celebrated the top ranking of its ECAM peer-reviewed journal.
  • A brief posting notes the affiliation of an integrative center at the St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resoprt in Abu Dhabi with the with the George Washington University Research Center in Washington, DC.
  • The UCLA-based Simms-Mann Center for Integrative Oncology kicked off a FaceBook page with director Mary Hardy, MD featured.
  • U Mass Medical Center features a new integrative oncology initiative led by student interest.

Beverly Hospital in Danvers, Mass. is initiating an integrative pain management program.