Healthy couple in their late 50s with arsenic in their well water. Healthy couple in their late 50s with arsenic in their well water.Healthy couple in their late 50s currently residing in rural Maine whose water supply is from a well dug 20 years ago. They have lived in the house for the past five years and have only recently tested the well water, which came back with a significant arsenic level of 18 ppb. Previously, they lived with city water. There are no physical findings consistent with arsenicosis and neighbor wells have since been tested and have found similar results. 58 male and 56 femaleMaleCurrently, asymptomatic. No skin changes. No history or overt evidence of cancer of the skin, lung, kidney or bladder. Liver function tests and hemogram within normal limits. No polyneuropathy or sensory loss. Water purification as well as adding fluoride. The couple is fairly concerned about their exposure to the arsenic in the well water and would like to get tested. They are also daytime caregivers for their 2 grandchildren (8 and 6) who have been drinking the water for the past 5 years and wonder if the children should be tested. What is the value in testing for arsenic levels in the couple and perhaps the children? How reliable are the tests? Depending on the results, there are some studies indicating that garlic may reduce the absorption of arsenic. What other integrative treatments are available?