Sharon Ufberg, DC discusses the results of Integrative Practitioner’s poll on professional satisfaction.

by Sharon Ufberg, DC

I am relieved to report that 93% of the practitioners queried in last month’s IP poll said they are Satisfied or Very Satisfied professionally. It is no surprise to me that integrative practitioners are better at, “healing thyself.” Hopefully we have developed strategies to reduce and manage stress that we not only share with our patients but also use on a daily basis to gain control of our own pressures. Perhaps we spend more time discussing, sharing and learning about methods of self care such that it makes sense that we practice these same stress management techniques in our lives.

It is more than just stress management though. Our continual teaching and preaching to our patients to eat healthy, seek and participate in activities we love, exercise, drink more water, sleep, and practice mindfulness is also the way we reaffirm and recommit to these valuable lifestyle habits.

I cannot count the number of times that I have “rebooted” my own exercise plan or meditation schedule based upon a conversation I had with a patient about their needs. Frequently reminding our patients about the importance of self appreciation, gratitude and awareness of early signs of stress keeps these same issues at the top of our consciousness.

 I do believe that an authentic sharing of what is important in one’s life and openly discussing how to focus, prioritize and target these areas is a plus for both patient and practitioner. The continual mindfulness of the strong connection between one’s cognitive, emotional and physical self must transform our daily behavioral choices as well.

It would be interesting to discuss and share with each other what we, as practitioners, do to maintain a healthy work environment for ourselves and our staff and how we manage this ongoing challenge. Most of us as practitioners are also small business owners and successfully managing these two aspects of our work life is no small feat. In our current healthcare environment it is more important than ever for practitioners to perpetually find ways to reduce stress within their workplace and recognize the importance of establishing healthy self care patterns for everyone that is part of the practice.

The poll responses suggest that we are finding successful ways of accommodating our busy schedules and demanding career choices. We are feeling satisfied professionally—so we somehow are finding the right balance of work and pleasure, business and family, patient care and self care.

I appreciate the effort it takes to continually prioritize stress relief in the decisions we make each day. It is important to keep that focus and perspective, especially when the demands are high and our expectation of ourselves even higher. To be successful and satisfied in our work requires the combination of openness to new ideas and experiences, awareness of who we are and what we do best and an ongoing commitment to renew ourselves and appreciate the world around us each day.

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