BiPro USA  BiPro, Natural Unflavored BiPro, Natural Unflavored, is pure whey protein isolate with no artificial flavors, no fillers and no bulking agents.  BiPro is free of fat, carbs, sugars and lactose.  BiPro, Natural Unflaved, is pure whey protein

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A.C. Grace Company 

A.C. Grace - TocotrienolUNIQUE E™ Tocotrienol
These softgel capsules are derived from the annatto bean and contain the hgiest concentrates of tocotrienols at 125 mg per capsules.  They contain no tocopherols, which show to inhibit assimilation of tocotrienols in the body.  Our doctors recommend taknig tocopherols to achieve maximum benefits.

American BioScience Inc. 

American BioScience - Slee pSolver24/7SLEEP Solve 24/7TM 
Between stress, financial worries and work pressures, people are spending too many nights tossing and turning. SLEEPSolve 24/7™ contains a powerful combination of natural, non-addictive ingredients that help relax you, assist with occasional sleeplessness, promote nighttime harmony and allow you to wake restored and refreshed!

American BioScience Inc. 

American BioScience - Sugar Solve 24/7SUGAR Solve 24/7TM 
Food cravings, weight gain, mood swings and low energy can result from swings in blood glucose. SUGARSolve 24/7 is an extract from Banaba tree leaves, standardized to 18% corosolic acid, proven in clinical trials to help keep blood glucose levels within the normal, healthy range.

BiPro USA 

BiProBiPro, Natural Unflavored
BiPro, Natural Unflavored, is pure whey protein isolate with no artificial flavors, no fillers and no bulking agents.  BiPro is free of fat, carbs, sugars and lactose.  BiPro, Natural Unflaved, is pure whey protein isolate with no artificial flavors, no fillers and no bulking agents.  BiPro is free of fat, carbs, sugars and lactose.

Complimentary Prescriptions

Complementary Prescription - VFMVFM-100
Abdominal obesity, and its related increase in visceral fat, is at an all-time high. Visceral fat is of particular concern because elevated levels are one cause of metabolic syndrome, considered to be a precursor to more serious conditions such as coronary artery disease, heart attack, diabetes and stroke.

This formula is able to reduce the amount of visceral fat.  It is able to down-regulate the body’s fat-forming processes and up-regulate the activity of fat burning enzymes. It also reduces the weight gain produced by a high fat diet and helps to control blood glucose. 

Direct Laboratory Services 

Direct LabsComprehensive Wellness Profile™
Introducing our new Comprehensive Wellness Profile™.  The CWP includes over 50 individual tests to monitor Lipids, CBC’s, Thyroid, Liver, Kidneys, Glucose, Electrolytes, Bones & minerals and more, for only $97.  This huge savings of over $400 off regular retail lab prices  is an incredible value and is the blood test that should be part of everyone’s annual Wellness health screen.   

Holistic Sisters

Holistic Sisters - MoxxorMoxxor
Distinguish your practice with Moxxor!  Moxxor combines the superior source of omega-3 fatty acids and the most powerful antioxidant on the planet.  Moxxor gives cutting-edge health professionals the opportunity to offer your clients an exceptionally effective nutritional product with the purity, potency and environmental sustainability.

Living Foods USA

Livng Foods-Hydrogen StickHydrogenRich Water Stick™ 
Transform any water into HydrogenRich Water!  Hydrogen is the only fuel the body recognizes, it is your best antioxidant, it hydrates the cell up to 6 times more than other water, detoxifies the cell more efficiently, and reduces free radicals to stop the damage that leads to aging and disease. For an inexpensive, earth-friendly way to bring greater hydration and vitality to the body – Get on the Stick – the HydrogenRich Water Stick!

Maitake Products Inc.

Maitake Products IncAmyloban™ 3399
An innovative standard extract of Lion’s Mane (hericium erinaceum), a popular edible mushroom found in the Orient.   This extract contains two bioactive compounds known to encourage brain health:  hericenones, which may stimulate the production of Nerve Growth Factor, and amyloban, which research shows may exert a protective effect on brain cells.

Master Supplements 

Master Supplements - TruFiberTruFiberTM 
TruFiber™ is a true regulating soluble fiber product that dissolves clear with no taste and no thickening in water. Two prebiotic bio-active soluble fibers and 4 fiber digesting enzymes stimulate probiotics and are clinically proven to improve regularity. 

Metametrix Clinical Laboratory

Metametrix - Vitamin KVitamin K 
The Vitamin K Assay measures the functional marker, undercarboxylated osteocalcin, to determine vitamin K status. Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin that functions as a co-factor in the production of blood coagulation factors, osteocalcin, and matrix Gla-proteins each resulting in the deposition of ionic calcium. Vitamin K deficiency can lead to an increased risk of bone loss or fracture.   

Neuro – Med Inc. 

A unique transdermal homeopathic treatment for the symptoms of depression; proven effective in a double-blind crossover study to alleviate symptoms within hours of the first application and without the side effects associated with other antidepressants.  Patients reported benefits are: Improved congnition, Improved energy, Imporved sleep, Improved sense of well-being, Decreased anxiety.   

Ortho Molecular Products Inc.

Ortho Molecular - K-PaxK-Pax Fuel for Life
Clinically tested for over 10 years, K-PAX Fuel of Life is ideally suited for those who experience long-term fatigue and immune system weakness due to stress, lack of rest, poor nutritional status, workload or chronic illness. K-PAX Fuel of Life ignites energy production at the cellular level, recharging immune reserves and restoring optimal body function. Available in capsules or in a delicious protein drink mix!

Pure Encapsulations, Inc.

Pure Encapsulations - Multivitamins4 NEW Multivitamin Formulas


  • Women’s Nutrients: Specially formulated for women over 40 providing enhanced calcium, vitamin D3 and K1 for healthy bones*
  • Men’s Nutrients: Specially formulated for men over 40 providing comprehensive nutrients for optimal prostate health*
  • PureFood Nutrients: Whole food-based multivitamin/mineral complex for adults of any age
  • Longevity Nutrients: Supports healthy aging in men and women over 60*

Radiancy, Inc.

Radiancy - MistralMistral
Undoubtedly your clients consider a youthful appearance of skin, free of acne, psoriasis, rosacea, sun spots and other pigmented lesions, a significant contributor to their overall sense of wellness. The affordable, easy to use, safe and efficacious Phototherapy, utilizing Radiancy LHE technology, offers you an opportunity to make those treatments available at the hands of their trusted Holistic physician.  Please visit our booth for a demo

Silicium Laboratories

Silicium Labs - Orgono Living Silica LiquidOrgono Living Silica Liquid
Orgono Living Silica is a natural dietary suplement formulated with organic silica for optimal absorptionand bioavailability.  It is clear, ororless liquid with no side effects.  Orgono promotes healthy cartilage, bone and connective tissue, collgen production and other health benefits.

Simple Solutions

Simple SolutionsEIS 
Powerful Medicine of the Future is Here, Now. Clinicians need to get maximum information on their patient’s physiology and response to treatment.The EIS provides such data in a non invasive, operator independent three minute test. The validated and reproducible data allows monitoring of treatment and life style changes.The EIS is the only commercially available device utilizing a Direct Current, allowing in vivo analysis of the physiological parameters at the cellular level via the interstitial fluid.

Standard Process 

Standard Process - Whole Food FiberMore ways to add fiber-Whole Food Fiber. Whole Food Fiber powder is a good source of fiber from whole foods, which promote optimal intestinal and immune system function and support healthy blood sugar and lipid levels already within normal ranges.*  It can be mixed with foods or cold beverages like shakes, either alone or with SP Complete™ or Whey Pro Complete.  To order or receive information, call Standard Process at 800-558-8740.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.    

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